Pet Demographics® Audience Platform

Good Boy Studios enables pet businesses to engage with pet parents through it's Pet Demographics® Audience Platform and mobile apps Pet Parade® and PetStar™.
  • 5.5 million pets Verified pet parents from trusted first party data sources
  • 754 pet centric audience segments Breed, size, age, health, lifestyle, food

Our Vision

We are building the world's first and fastest growing Pet Identity Graph™ for Pet Businesses to drive marketing results using our patent-pending Pet Demographics® Audience Platform.

Work With Us

If you are an established pet brand, launching a new pet product, or operate a pet store or pet service, join the world's largest community of pet lovers and work with us to accelerate your pet business.

Optimize Media Spend via Pet Demographic® Targeting

Target exactly the right audience & pet-personalize creatives with 754 Pet Demographic® audience segments including breed, age, gender, size, health, food preferences, likes, and activity.

Collect 1st Party Pet Data

Conduct surveys with the world's largest audience of verified pet parents or collect pet profiles directly from your website.

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Drive Engagement & Brand Awareness

Sponsor fun interactive cuteness contests & connect with the most highly engaged audience of pet fanatics.

Drive Sales Online or In Store

Drive and track online and offline sales at scale with the Pet Parade® mobile app.

Pet Parade®

I love to see how much everyone loves their pets! Refreshing alternative to Facebook to relax and play. Super sweet!
Barbara Giacopelli Austin, TX
Finally! I've found a place where I can show off my best bud to the world with ease!
Tammy Wells Orlando, FL
I've been playing this app and I can't stop. I get to vote for some very beautiful pets and have met some really amazing friends here.
Sandy Woods Darien, CT

Our Story

Good Boy Studios was founded in March 2017 by Viva Chu, Mike Wisz, Kus Wanto. In Feb 2016, Viva adopted Coder, his goofy, pink-nosed, Labradoodle. Viva discovered how fun it was to share stories about Coder's adventures on social media. Posting pictures and videos was fun, but Viva wondered whether he could make it EVEN MORE FUN. The idea for Pet Parade was born and Viva recruited his long-time teammates and friends Mike and Kus to build a better Facebook for Pets.

Viva Chu CEO & Co-Founder
Mike Wisz Lead Platform Engineer & Co-Founder
Kus Wanto Art Director & Co-Founder
Coder Lead Cheerleader & Co-Founder